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Light Commercial Units

Discover Efficient Light Commercial Units for Superior Air Conditioning Solutions

At Alviz Electro India Pvt. Ltd., we offer a wide range of Light Commercial Units designed to provide exceptional cooling performance for various commercial spaces. Our Light Commercial Units combine advanced technology with energy efficiency to deliver optimal comfort and cost savings. With a focus on Fixed Speed and Inverter technology, our units ensure precise temperature control and reliable operation.

Four Way Cassettes

Experience uniform cooling with our Four Way Cassettes. Available in 1.5 TR, 2.0 TR, 3.0 TR, and 4.0 TR capacities, these units offer comprehensive coverage and efficient airflow distribution. Ideal for medium-sized spaces, Four Way Cassettes deliver consistent cooling performance with enhanced comfort.

One Way Cassette

For spaces where discreet installation is preferred, our One Way Cassette units are the perfect choice. Available in 1.0 TR, 1.5 TR, and 2.0 TR capacities, these units provide focused airflow in a single direction, ensuring efficient cooling and precise temperature control.

Low Static Ductable

Our Low Static Ductable units offer flexible cooling solutions for various applications. Available in 1.5 TR, 2.0 TR, 3.0 TR, and 4.0 TR capacities, these units are designed to provide cooling through ductwork while maintaining high energy efficiency. Enjoy customized cooling in different areas with ease.

High Static Ductable

For spaces with specific cooling requirements and longer duct runs, our High Static Ductable units are the optimal choice. Ranging from 5.5 TR to 11 TR capacities, these units ensure powerful and efficient cooling across larger commercial areas. Experience enhanced air distribution and comfort.

Tower AC

Designed with a sleek and space-saving profile, our Tower AC units provide efficient cooling for compact spaces. These units are suitable for small offices, retail stores, or hotel rooms, combining performance and aesthetics to create a comfortable environment.

What we Offer HVAC Solutions Rooftop Piture

Rooftop Units

Our Rooftop Units offer robust cooling solutions for larger commercial spaces. With high cooling capacity and advanced controls, these units are suitable for commercial buildings and warehouses. Enjoy efficient cooling performance, durability, and easy installation.

Embrace the efficiency and reliability of our Light Commercial Units to create a comfortable environment for your business. Whether you require cooling for retail spaces, offices, or other commercial applications, our HVAC solutions cater to your specific needs.

VRF Solutions:

Discover Our Range of VRF Solutions for Every HVAC Need
At Alviz Electro India, we are proud to offer a diverse range of VRF Solutions from renowned manufacturers. Our VRF Solutions provide optimal climate control for various applications, making them suitable for a wide range of verticals including Residential, Commercial Complexes, Offices, Pharma & Hospital, Education, Transport, and Hospitability.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency and Flexibility:

Our VRF Solutions are designed with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, allowing you to create a comfortable indoor environment while minimizing energy consumption. With options for both Heat Cooling and Cooling Only, our systems provide the flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements.

Impressive Outdoor Units:

Our VRF Systems feature outdoor units with capacities ranging from 4 HP to 32 HP, providing the power and flexibility required for various projects. With options for Side Discharge and Top Discharge units, installation and maintenance are made easy, ensuring hassle-free operation. Additionally, our systems can be configured to achieve a single circuit capacity of up to 104 HP, offering outstanding performance for demanding applications.

Experience the Excellence of Alviz Electro India's VRF Solutions:

With our industry-leading expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to delivering reliable and energy-efficient HVAC solutions. Trust us to provide the perfect VRF Solution for your project, ensuring a comfortable and optimized indoor environment.

From Small Spaces to High-Rise Buildings:

Whether you have a small office space or a towering high-rise building, our VRF Solutions are designed to meet your needs. With their compact and efficient design, they are well-suited for small smart spaces, while also capable of delivering exceptional performance in larger installations.

Choose Alviz Electro India for Reliable VRF Solutions:

With our commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service, we are your trusted partner for all your VRF needs. Experience the benefits of our VRF Solutions, designed to deliver superior performance, energy efficiency, and comfort for a wide range of applications.

Versatile Indoor Units:

To complement our VRF outdoor units, we offer a wide selection of indoor units including 4 Way cassette, One-way cassette, Two-Way cassette, Ductable Units, Tower AC, Round Cassette, Hi-Wall Units, Treated Fresh Air Units, and more. This versatility allows you to customize your HVAC system to suit the unique requirements of your space, ensuring optimal comfort and air distribution.

Contact us today to explore our VRF Solutions and let our experts assist you in finding the perfect HVAC solution for your project.

Chiller Solutions

At Alviz Electro India, we are proud to offer a wide range of HVAC chiller products from renowned manufacturers. Our chiller solutions are designed to provide efficient cooling for various applications, making them suitable for a diverse range of verticals including Commercial Complexes, Offices, Pharma & Hospital, Education, Hospitability, and large buildings.

Efficient Cooling for Large Buildings

Our chiller solutions are specifically designed to deliver reliable and efficient cooling for large buildings and facilities. With their advanced technology and robust performance, they ensure a comfortable indoor environment even in the most demanding conditions.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We understand that every project has unique requirements. That's why we offer multiple solutions to cater to your specific needs. Our experienced team will work closely with you to determine the ideal chiller system that meets your cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and budgetary goals.

Suitable for Various Verticals

Our chiller solutions are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of verticals. Whether you need cooling solutions for commercial complexes, office buildings, pharmaceutical and hospital facilities, educational institutions, or hospitability establishments, our chiller systems provide the performance and reliability you can trust.

Experience the Power of Efficient Cooling

With our chiller systems, you can experience the benefits of efficient cooling that enhances comfort and productivity within your facility. Our solutions are designed to optimize energy consumption, reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Choose Alviz Electro India for Reliable Chiller Solutions:

With our commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service, we are your trusted partner for all your chiller needs. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect HVAC chiller solution for your project, ensuring optimal cooling performance and long-term satisfaction.

Contact us today to explore our chiller solutions and let us help you create a comfortable and cool environment for your business facility.